100 smart and creative ways to make money

The Best 100 Smart & Creative ways to make Money

If one can think smart and creative, making money is not so hard at all, there are so many things you can do to earn or make money so easily, and can become rich. People often won’t think smart enough to identify the good earning or money making opportunities available around them. I have found some of the best Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side.

So here, I am bringing the best 100 smart and Creative ways to make money.

  1. Forex Trading
  2. Invest your savings smartly in Stock market
  3. Buy and Sell Domain Names for Individuals or Businesses
  4. Peer to Peer lending or P2P lending – It is the process of lending money to businesses or individuals through online services that will match lenders with borrowers.
  5. Get paid to take surveys online
  6. Start Blogging or website
  7. Start Affiliate Marketing
  8. Create an Online course about some niche, in which you are expertise.
  9. Become a virtual assistant for some one
  10. Start Trading in Options, to make good profits with less investment.
  11. Participate in some Paid Research Studies
  12. Use Swagbucks for your Online search
  13. Become a Stock Photographer, to make passive income
  14. Start Web Design Services
  15. Develop an interesting Mobile App
  16. Start Testing Apps and Websites
  17. Advertising on Social Media
  18. Become an Interior Designing Consultant
  19. Rent out your own Car
  20. Help Google Improve
  21. Become a Search Engine Evaluator
  22. Provide Event Staffing
  23. Start Online Data Entry
  24. Write an Ebook on some niche and sell it on Amazon
  25. Find some Odd Jobs on Craigslist
  26. Start Designing Logo service
  27. Drive with the Uber
  28. Try to Earn more interest on your Savings
  29. Become a Ghostwriter
  30. Start and Launch your own Youtube channel
  31. Become a Virtual Assistant
  32. Start to Podcast
  33. Become a Tutor
  34. Become a Translator
  35. Make money with your Email Inbox
  36. Link your Loyalty cards to the Ibotta App on your mobile
  37. Get Cashback when you shop something
  38. Use Get paid to use Search Engines
  39. Start Transcribe Audio into Writing
  40. Start Real Estate Crowdfunding
  41. Sell Gift cards you will never use
  42. Join the Nielson Panel
  43. List an extra room on Airbnb
  44. Consulting for Local Small Businesses in your Locality
  45. Sell Your Stuff online
  46. Offer Resume help, for freshers or experienced candidates
  47. Marketing the Copy writing
  48. Exploit the Facebook ‘Yard Sale’ pages
  49. Get paid to Watch Videos Online
  50. Enter some Online Contests and Giveaways
  51. Start Crowdfunding
  52. Become a Bartender
  53. Start Pet Sitting
  54. Start a Personal Training
  55. Become a Substitute Teacher
  56. Become a Notary person
  57. Become an Online Juror
  58. Become a Trainer or a Coach for a specific Sport
  59. Prepare Taxes for Individuals or businesses
  60. Become a Wedding Planner in your locality
  61. Do house Sit
  62. Edit the College Admissions Essays
  63. Sell off your old Text Books
  64. Sell your Recycling stuff
  65. Grocery shop for People in your Locality
  66. Get paid for Snow Removal
  67. Sell Your Hair
  68. Walk dogs at your neighborhood
  69. Start Baby Sitting
  70. Start Car washing and Detailing
  71. Deliver Newspapers in your locality
  72. Place Paid Ads on your car
  73. Start to Trade Baseball cards
  74. Install the Shoptracker Mobile App
  75. Do some Chores for people
  76. Become a Brand Ambassador for some Product or business
  77. Join in a Focus Group
  78. Flip the Things on Craigslist
  79. Start Maintain Yards in your Neighborhood
  80. Sell some crafts on Etsy
  81. Start Refurbish Antiques and Resell them
  82. Start Event DJing
  83. Become a Dog Trainer
  84. Start Meal Prep Services
  85. Start Groom Dogs
  86. Become a Rec Sports Referee
  87. Do some In-Home Help for the disabled
  88. Participate in some Clinical Trials
  89. Start Repairing Electronic devices
  90. Start Estate sale Service
  91. Offer Window Cleaning Service
  92. Become a Mentor for an individual or business
  93. Start Direct Sales Consulting
  94. Play some Poker Online
  95. Sell Roses on Valentine’s day
  96. Become a Mystery Shopper
  97. Donate your Plasma
  98. Work for Overtime
  99. Ask for a Pay hike
  100. Get a Promotion by hook or by crook

I hope the above List of 100 Smart and Creative ways to make Money, has been helpful to you in finding out some ideas about making money. If you feel or having some innovative way or idea of making money, please let us know by mention in the comment section below.